About Living Fitness

Hey there, I’m Cassie, Founder of Living Fitness.

Cassandra Norman

Personal Trainer

How it All Began

I’ve always found great enjoyment and a multitude of benefits to my wellbeing from physical fitness training and, like so many of us, at times I’ve also felt the detrimental impact of sedentary habits.
When an extended period of work-life imbalance had led me into a sedentary lifestyle with poor eating habits and a lack of self-care, I found myself very overweight, unfit, and with ailing health. Just as I was looking at making some changes, a sudden bereavement threw me right to rock-bottom. Friends and family became concerned and said I should seek help and get medication to help with my unshakeable low mood. Thankfully, I already knew that exercise can help with such challenges and, somewhere amid the struggle, I felt inspired to start fitness training again. 
With the guidance and support of Personal Training, I moved myself from being 5 stone overweight to a level of body fitness and strength I never imagined possible for me. The added benefit was that my mental strength and resilience improved massively too.

The positive impact of this experience was so profound that I felt compelled to follow my life-long love of exercise and start sharing what I’d learned!
In 2011 I became a Personal Trainer myself and have been helping people exceed their fitness and fat loss goals ever since.


Why Choose Living Fitness?

If you’re struggling with how to lose weight, managing your health and fitness, mobility or simply knowing where to begin with a new exercise routine – you’re in great hands because I’ve been there too! I know how challenging it can be. Now I’d love to share my experience – supporting and guiding you, with genuine understanding, as we tackle the fitness exercises and nutrition, and address the mindset and lifestyle challenges that could be holding you back. Working together we can get you achieving results you never imagined possible and take your wellbeing and confidence to a whole new level!

My aim is always to give you an enjoyable, educational and rewarding journey to being at your best, and get you equipped with the knowledge and skills to stay at your best in the face of life’s many and varied challenges.

Experience has shown me that working in harmony with nature often produces the best results. The importance of time in nature for wellbeing is becoming more widely known. I create my fitness programs with this in mind, ensuring they’re enjoyable and easy to implement in your daily life. Nature provides endless opportunities for us to play, grow and heal – whether it’s learning a new fat burning full body workout in the garden, exploring and utilising the local landscape – here in Shropshire, or wherever you are in the World today – or indulging in treats made with natural fat burning foods at home on a rainy day.

I’ve also seen that, often, there are more factors involved in achieving a weight loss or fitness and health goal than simply having some fat burning workouts and a healthy diet plan at your disposal. Weight loss motivation would be an example. Have you ever started the New Year motivated to get fit and excited about losing weight, only to find yourself disappointingly off-course later in the year? If you have, I’m sure you already know you’re not alone! I use additional training, skills and resources that are proven, safe and effective, to help you identify and overcome hidden barriers and ensure your progress and success are sustainable for the long-term. 

Ready to get started?



  • Weight Management
  • Behavioural Change
  • Science and Psychology around Eating
  • Natural Movement and Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Circuit Training


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer - YMCAFit
  • Adapting Exercise for Ante and Post-Natal Participants - YMCAFit
  • Behaviour Change Coaching
  • Level 2 Ride Leadership Award - British Cycling
  • CIMSPA Registered Practitioner